Our Gospel

We are a community formed, shaped, and animated by the power of the gospel. We come together for belonging, for growth, for transformation, and for commissioning. Because here at Redeemer, we believe that the gospel changes everything.

We’re an amalgamation of the kinds of people Jesus seats around his table — 

wearied travelers, wayward daughters and sons, self-righteous criminals, and hurting patients. With all of our stains, our imperfections, and our insecurities, we’re brought to the healing story of God’s forgiveness in Christ. Come join us! There’s always a seat at the table.

We are committed to preaching Christ in all of Scripture

Come Visit Us!

We meet Sundays at 10:00am at the C2 Building of Rancho Campana High School. It’s a large campus, but if you follow our signs, you’ll be guided to a parking spot, our greeters, and our worship hall. If you have children, we’d love for them to join us as well — either into our Kids Ministry (located in a classroom in the same building as our worship hall) or our worship service.

Redeemer Families

We are committed to coming alongside our families to teach, to nurture, and raise up committed and transformed followers of Jesus.